WhereTo: BIPOC Owned Businesses Serving the Brooklyn Community

New York City is a melting pot of diversity. The city’s vibrant spirit is mirrored in the businesses that call it home, including a wide array of service providers. In this blog, we will celebrate and highlight the contributions of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) entrepreneurs and their service establishments that make NYC an even more colorful and inclusive place to live and thrive.

Check out these 10 BIPOC owned/founded businesses supporting their Brooklyn community.

Where To Eat

NYC’s culinary scene is renowned worldwide, and BIPOC-owned restaurants, cafes, and food trucks play a crucial role in adding unique flavors and authentic dishes to the mix. From soulful Southern cooking to exotic Caribbean spices and delectable African cuisines, these establishments take our taste buds on a journey of flavors.

Purple Yam

Asian Owned

Entering the Purple Yam is like stepping into a world of flavor and culinary magic exuding modern elegance and Filipino warmth. Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, Owners Amy Besa and her husband Romy Dorotan will lead you on an enchanted journey with their modern take on traditional Filipino cuisine. This culinary masterpiece reimagines Filipino food while creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Brown Butter

Black Owned

The tantalizing aromas of Brooklyn’s Brown Butter is enough to entice anyone to stop by for a delightful evening of decadent flavors. The talented, innovative owners skillfully brings the comforting embrace of Soul Food to New York. The signature brown butter glaze, like liquid gold, graces the dishes, imparting a luscious richness that leaves a lingering delight on your palate. 

Where To Shop 

The fashion industry in NYC is a hub of creativity, and BIPOC designers and boutique owners bring a fresh perspective to the world of style. From trendy streetwear to elegant evening gowns, their collections celebrate cultural heritage and contemporary trends, making a statement that fashion knows no boundaries.

Marche Rue Dix

Black Owned

Located in Crown Heights, this delightful French-African boutique is a charming and vibrant oasis for all the Brooklyn fashionistas. In addition to providing a hub of diversity, you can also shop vintage clothing, home goods, jewelry and imported coffees, teas, spices as well as skin and hair products at Marche Rue Dix. 

Selva Negra

Latinx Owned

Selva Negra is a Brooklyn made fashion brand inspired by the lush beauty and vivacious spirt of their Latinx heritage. Founders Kristen Gonzalez and Sam Romero create designs that intertwine modern chic with sustainability to empower individuals to fully embrace their identity through uniquely and ethically crafted fashion pieces.

Where To Heal

Holistic wellness practices are on the rise, and many BIPOC practitioners are at the forefront of these initiatives. From yoga studios that embrace mindfulness and self-care to wellness centers that offer traditional healing practices, their services provide a nurturing space for physical and mental well-being.

Heal Haus

Black Owned

This healing oasis is a serene, soul-nourishing retreat tucked away from the bustling noise of the crowded Brooklyn streets. Offering a diverse selection of holistic healing practices, everyone is welcomed to prioritized their well-being while learning to embrace their true authentic self on their transformative  journey to healing. From yoga to a variety of meditation classes, Heal Haus has something for everyone. 

BK Yoga Club

Black Owned

BK Yoga is a sanctuary for New Yorkers and visitors alike looking to unwind, revitalize, and embrace the transformative power of yoga on the body. Offering a diverse array of yoga classes and wellness workshops, BK Yoga Club openly welcomes practitioners of all levels. From beginners to seasoned, the passionate instructors will guide you through each session.

Where To Learn

NYC’s art and cultural scene owe much to the BIPOC community, who infuse it with their rich heritage and diverse narratives. Art galleries, theaters, and cultural centers owned by BIPOC artists and enthusiasts showcase their creative brilliance and amplify the voices of underrepresented communities.

Black Owned

Upon entering the dynamic and contemporary art space, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of cultural expression. Richard Beavers Gallery is renowned for its dedication to promoting African-American art and showcasing the diverse voices of the African diaspora. The artwork on display is a celebration of culture, history, and identity, and each piece offers a unique perspective and narrative that captivates the mind and stirs the soul. 

Where To Support

BIPOC entrepreneurs are also making significant strides in various professional services. Whether it’s legal firms championing social justice, marketing agencies promoting diversity and inclusion, or financial consulting firms providing expert advice to businesses, they contribute to a more equitable and diverse NYC.

CityState Creative

Black Owned

CityState Creative is a BIPOC and Woman-Owned boutique design agency known for their cutting edge ideas powerful enough to transform businesses. With a talented team of professionals, they consistently delivered exceptional branding, web design, and digital marketing solutions to clients across various industries. Many of their creative campaigns have earned them a reputation as a marketing powerhouse. Their commitment to excellence continues to make them a trusted partner for brands looking to elevate their internet experience.  

Professional Services

Beyond the services they provide, BIPOC-owned establishments often actively engage with the local community. Many of them participate in philanthropic endeavors, support charitable causes, and provide mentorship and training to aspiring entrepreneurs, empowering the next generation.

South Brooklyn Mutual Aid

Black Owned

This grassroots community-focused organization is dedicated to helping South Brooklyn residents. As an oasis of support and togetherness, they provide assistance with tasks such as grocery shopping, prescription pick up, and other essential needs, especially during a time of crisis. In addition to being a resource to the community, South Brooklyn Mutual Aid is a safe haven for Brooklyn residents. 

Playground Coffee Shop

Black Owned

The Playground Coffee Shop embodies the essence of NYC and its diverse tapestry of cultures living within the walls of the thriving metropolis. This non-profit organization is more than coffee meets urban city.  Playground Coffee is a BIPOC owned creative hub that provides a tranquil refuge for locals in search of a momentary escape from New York’s vibrant streets. With the help of the community, Playground Coffee Shop raises funds to help distribute kits to grassroots organizations fighting against systemic racism. 

As consumers, we have the power to support and uplift these businesses, promoting inclusivity, and celebrating diversity in all its forms. The next time you’re in NYC or looking for services, consider exploring and supporting BIPOC-owned establishments. By doing so, we can help create a more vibrant, equitable, and welcoming world for everyone. 

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